about PlusBus

What's PlusBus?

PlusBus is a discount price ticket for unlimited bus and tram travel that you can add to your train ticket.


Whether you’re commuting to work, going shopping, visiting friends or just having a day-out in town, you can buy PlusBus with your train ticket. 


Where and when can I use PlusBus?

With  PlusBus   you enjoy total freedom. Unlimited bus and tram travel on most/all operators services, around the  area of the rail-served town or city on your train ticket. Buy PlusBus to start your journey (for travel to the train station) or to complete your journey (for travel from the train station to your final destination). There's no peak period restrictions, so you can hop-on and off buses and trams as much as you like all day.


Where can I buy Plusbus

 You can purchase PlusBus tickets online, at self-service ticket machines and from any rail station ticket offices  More details > (link to how to buy)


Great Value & Discounts

PlusBus tickets start from just £2.50 a day. Young people (aged 16-30), students and most other Railcard holders get one-third off  PlusBus day ticket prices. Children (aged 5-16) pay half the adult day ticket price. For commuters, we have great value season tickets too! More details > (link to discount and savings page)


Top destinations

PlusBus ticketing is available for over 200 rail-served towns and cities across Britain - view map.